Youth Activities Registration is open!

You must Register in order to proceed! 

A current email address is required to complete registration! If the youth poet does not have a current email address, and you are registering on the poet's behalf, you may use your current email address. You can register up to ten youth poets at a time. Please follow the instructions carefully. If you are a parent, teacher, or youth group registering more than ten youth poets and would like assistance or if you have questions, please contact

There are three categories to choose from when registering:

Poetry Submission Only includes submission to Youth Anthology/Competition (Youth Activities Attendance not included).

Youth Activities Attendance Only includes access to all Youth Activities including an Anthology Launch, Workshop, and Youth Poetry Slam (submission to Youth Anthology/Competition not included).  

Youth Activities Attendance and Poetry Submission includes submission to Youth Anthology/Competition and access to all Youth Activities including an Anthology Launch, Workshop, and Youth Poetry Slam.


Registration Rates and Definitions

  • Poetry Submission Only (Free) – Youth poets submitting to the anthology but not attending the youth activities fall into this category.
  • Youth Activities Attendance Only (Free) – Youth poets attending the youth activities but not submitting to the anthology fall into this category.  
  • Youth Activities Attendance and Poetry Submission (Free) – Youth poets attending the youth activities and submitting to the anthology fall into this category.

Online Registration for Youth Anthology Submission has been extended until February 15, 2018.

Online Registration for Youth Festival Attendance closes April 4, 2018. 

You may register to attend the Youth Activities at the Youth Registration Desk the day of the scheduled activity!

ADA/Special Needs

If you qualify under ADA or have any special needs, email We will be happy to assist you!

Disclaimer: AIPF will not be held liable for any incomplete and/or undeliverable mailing addresses. Please confirm the address that you enter in the system is correct. Please let us know immediately, in writing,  if you have a change of address or move. For any incomplete and/or undeliverable addresses, the registrant will be liable for the re-shipping cost. For all International shipping, the registrant is responsible to pay the shipping fee or an electronic copy of the Youth Anthology will be emailed to the registrants email address on file with AIPF after the Festival.

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