Schedule for Workshops      (revised 3/28/2017)

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Thursday, April 6   Malvern Books
12:00-1:30       Joaquin Zihuatanejo  
                        “Blending Narrative and Image Into the Odd Publishable Poem”
1:45-3:15         Robert Lee Brewer  “Finding an Audience for Your Poetry”

Friday, April 7  Recycled Reads  
12:00-1:30       Dillon McKinsey “Poetry as a Religious Discipline”
1:45-3:15         Roger West and Roja Chamankar  
                        “Faithful to the letter?: a poetry translation workshop”

Saturday, April 8   Casa De Luz
8:30-9:45         Mary Lee Gowland and Joseph Conklin  “Duets”
10:00-11:30     Rod Carlos Rodriguez (Stryker)  “Center Breathes the Whole”
11:45-1:00       Victor Johnson, Sr. (Birdman313)
                        "Using Modern Technology to promote and market your work"
1:15-2:30         Susan Summers “A Matter of Trust: Editing for brevity, impact and ambiguity”
2:45-4:15         Gia Scott-Heron  "Is That Jazz? What genre of music speaks to you?"
4:30-5:45         Ken Jones  “Publishing poetry - Pointers & Pitfalls”

                            Casa De Luz is VEGAN.  Please be respectful of all areas of Casa De Luz 
                            by not bringing in any animal products including eggs and dairy.


Joaquin Zihuatanejo
“Blending Narrative and Image Into the Odd Publishable Poem”
In this interactive writing workshop award winning teacher and poet, Joaquin Zihuatanejo, will guide poets through activities designed to get poets thinking about narrative as a reimagined form. We will also, through prompts and quick write activities, look at the significance of imagery and how we as poets can use it to bring a freshness to our narratives and vividness to our verse. We will look at some poems that successfully combine image with narrative in odd and engaging ways and hopefully walk away from the workshop with the beginning of a poem that with craft and time could turn into something extraordinary.
Robert Brewer
“Finding an Audience for Your Poetry”
In this workshop, poets will learn how to find an audience for their poetry. Beginning with the basics, Robert Lee Brewer will share strategies for publishing poetry (both individually and as a collection), promoting poetry, and building a writing platform. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as both a poet and editor, Brewer will provide examples of innovative poets and answer specific questions of attendees.

Dillon McKinsey
“Poetry as a Religious Discipline”
Religions have practiced numerous “disciplines” in order to facilitate their relationship to their understanding of the “Divine.” This presentation will examine poetry from such a perspective, and explore what that says about the art, it’s forms, practice and eventual purpose and spiritual potential. The organizing thesis will be that the “Divine” is the primal Creative.

Roger West and Roja Chamankar 
“Faithful to the letter?: a poetry translation workshop”
This workshop will examine some of the questions around translating poetry from one language into another, specifically how to reshape the “assigned ambiguities” of a poem into a new poem without reducing it.  We will be working with acclaimed Iranian poet, Roja Chamankar, who will talk about her poetry, its overarching themes, metaphors and contexts, and then we will be using basic and literal translations into English of some of her poems from the original Persian to create our own versions.

Mary Lee Gowland & Joseph Conklin
“Duets” was inspired by Poems for Two Voices by Paul Fleishman. Using visual and text aids teams of two will construct their poems together and perform them as a duo. 

Rod Carlos Rodriguez Stryker

“Center Breathes the Whole”
Name a person, place, or thing
that you can think of that centers
you. Explain why it, he/she brings
a balance in your life.
Then write a poem(s) based
on these qualities highlighting the
how, where, who, and why
this balance, this centering
This helps to remind us, as
writers in a sometimes upside down
world, where our center is and to
keep returning to that personal center.
In so doing, we help maintain and honor
the muse as he/she definitely needs us
and we need her/him now more than ever.
Rod Carlos Rodriguez
Victor Johnson, Sr. (Birdman313)
"Using Modern Technology to promote and market your work"
 Victor Johnson, Sr., BA Social Science - John Wesley College and Dianna Simmons
Learn how to use technology to promote and market your work. This workshop is an introduction to the technology market. Learn how to reach more customers by applying these simple principles. Increase your social media contacts i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using these easy to follow steps. Google Play Store puts you in control of how you sell your products with easy shopping cart management for your app and in-app products - let this be the growth engine for your products.

Susan Summers
“A Matter of Trust: Editing for brevity, impact and ambiguity”
This workshop explores the relationship between poets, their “darlings” and editors. It will show specific examples how a poem can be shaped, “tightened”, reworded, reworked to produce a poem of better quality. Bring 2 copies of a double-spaced poem which you would like to have edited, and time permitting, the participants may have a chance for extreme editing based on an exercise in Wingbeats.

Gia Scott-Heron
"Is That Jazz? What genre of music speaks to you?"
In the workshop, Gia briefly talks about her Father Gil Scott-Heron and a poem/song he wrote called "Is that Jazz". Although her Father was considered by many to be the "GodFather of Rap", her Father was adamant about his perception of himself as a "bluesologist". He was very much into Lady Day, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk, Charlie Parker etc.
She then opens it up to the participants to write a quick piece about what type of music they enjoy the most and/or has had a significant impact on their lives. Previous responses were wide ranging from movie soundtracks to opera, to country to R&B and Hip-hop. She also shares a piece that she wrote as an example (Gia Scott-Heron goes first to break the ice).

Ken Jones
“Publishing poetry - Pointers & Pitfalls”
PoetKen Jones' latest collection DORMANT VOLCANO (Weasel Press 2015)
consists entirely of poems previously published in what many call 'the little journals'.
In this workshop, he will offer ideas to guide poets at any level from his almost forty years of publication experience.

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