Local Transportation

Several options are available for Festival goers to get around to the Venues in Austin

Buddy Rides. You can start by mingling with poets from all over the world at the Headquarters Hotel, including poets from Austin or nearby who may be willing to drive visiting poets to and from Venues. If you are at a City Read and need a ride to another Venue, get with the Host; hosts will make announcements regarding transportation to and from Venues at the end of each City Read. 

City Bus. Headquarters Hotel is on a major North-South bus route.

Uber and Lyft serve Austin.

Yellow Cab is always on call.

Holiday Inn Shuttle. Limited, free shuttle service is available for hotel guests, depending on availability. There will be an early morning run for drop-off of guests and a late evening run for pick-up of guests at the following venues:

Kick Butt Coffee        

1/2 Price Books        



Recycled Reads        

New World Deli   

Don't forget to book your stay at Holiday Inn Austin Midtown by or before March 15, 2018 to receive a special discounted rate! For reservation information go to the "Festival" tab located on the menu bar above and click on the "Headquarters Hotel" tab.