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By Susan Littleton
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A Poet's Eyes
Painting the Stars while Fleeing the Ghost of Dawn
Looking out the window
there are two ways I could look
at this gray, wet day

Through the left eye of a pessimist
I could see the mist
hanging over the city like a damp blanket
skies bleak
sidewalks and streets wet and slippery
and the plants in the garden
drooping under the weight of the constant

Through the right eye of an optimist
I could see beauty
in the way Mother Nature nourishes
the plants
and washes away the grime and the dirt
from the streets and the sidewalks
the steady sprinkle a shower to give rebirth
and second chances....

I choose, though, to look at this day
with both eyes open
through the eyes of a poet

-Chris Billings 

Ice Sculptures
Certified Professional Ice Carver
512-266-1943 or 512-656-5861
“When I have a terrible need of - shall I say the word - religion?
Then I go out and paint the stars.” - Vincent Van Gogh
 Imagine paintings that come out of nowhere with splashes, poetry,
 literature with pens mysteriously moving on their own across the page.
 And music coming without musicians with instruments. And so it
 started with a “Big Bang?”
True evolution is about the universes, for the religious right it points
to a creator timing off  no Sabbath, the religious not so right
questions, and non-religious superfluous.
To a scientist religion is all right as long as it stays in church
and in silence supports status quo morality. If a question cannot
be answered it is irrelevant.
The “March of Progress” has been marred with racism, sexism
forced sterilization.  And the ideal of a superior race
that lead to the treatment of the Jews by the Third Reich.
The question of whether “Intelligent Design” is science pale in view of
the fact* “Natural Selection” was tampered with  by Darwin and ilk.
They flee past that history with blinders, ear plugs and hardened hearts.
I long for a time, religion and science comes into harmony.
But the last time I checked they are still fleeing.
-Mary Riley
 * "The Road to Homo Sapiens.,” (March of Progress 1965) prominently featuring the
 sequence of figures drawn by noted natural history painter and muralist
Rudolph  Zallinger (1919–1995).
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