This is a list of Registered Poets who have signed up for City Reads.  This is not a complete schedule of all events.  (revised 3 pm 3/28/2017)


Thursday, April 6, 2017 CITY READS
Kick Butt Coffee 12:00-2:15 Recycled Reads 12:00-1:45 Maria's Taco 12:00-1:30 FULL
Host: Gordon Magill Host: Ralph Hausser (Local Special Guest) Host: Patricia Fiske
Gia Scott-Heron (National Feature) Dillon McKinsey (National Feature) Sue Littleton (International Feature)
Brooke Axtell (Local Feature) Shubh Bala Schiesser Kaye Abikhaled
Jena Kirkpatrick (State Feature) Kate Rex
Jason Edwards (Local Special Guest) New World Deli 1:00-2:30 Luz EtchemendiGaray
Angela Hunt Host: Del Cain Neil Meili
Jeffrey Taylor Joyce Gullickson (Local Special Guest) Roger West
Mike Gullickson (Local Special Guest) Roja Chamankar
Jim Parker Maria's Taco 1:30-3:00
Recycled Reads 2:00-3:45 Mark Jones Host: Patricia Fiske
Host: Louise Richardson Trevor Wainwright Carolyn Adams
Dillon McKinsey (National Feature) Chip Ross
Nancy Fierstien
Malvern Books 3:30-4:45 FULL
Poetry of the Times Read
Host: Griselda Castillo
Brooke Axtell (Local Feature)
Recycled Reads 4:00-6:30 Robert Lee Brewer (National Feature)
Host: Robin Barratt Sue Littleton (International Feature)
Angela Hunt Chris Billings
Charles Darnell Luz EtchemendiGaray
D. Mars Yuvarajan Tammy Foster Brewer
Lisa Hubley-King
Lois Heger
Trevor Wainwright
Barnes&Noble 7:00-9:00 All Star Poetry Read FULL
Host: Barbara Youngblood Carr (Local Feature) BookWoman 7:00-9:00 LGBTQ Read
Co-Host: Herman M. Nelson Host: Cindy Huyser
Bob (Mud) McMahon (International Feature) Elizabeth Kropf
Gary Crane John Milkereit
Jeffrey Taylor
John Berry
Pat Connors
Paul Richmond
Sharla "Skyspirit" Shotwell
Suzanne Zoch
Friday, April 7, 2017 CITY READS
Kick Butt Coffee 12:00-2:00 Bare Your Soul/Sole Read Malvern Books 12:00-2:15
Host: Chris Billings Voice of Empathy Read
Rod Carlos Rodriguez (Stryker) (State Feature) Host: Hal C. Clark
Robert Lee Brewer (National Feature) Sue Littleton (International Feature)
Carolyn Chatham Anne McCrady
Gary Crane New World Deli 1:00-2:30 Arnulfo Vigil
Jeanie Sanders Host: Del Cain Cynthia Juniper
Lois Heger L o r e l e y Glynn Monroe Irby
Tammy Foster Brewer Josué Gabriel de Montemayor
Laura Peña
Luz EtchemendiGaray
Kick Butt 2:15-4:45 Man Read
Host: Chip Ross
Dillon McKinsey (National Feature) Malvern Books 2:30-4:45
Robert Lee Brewer (National Feature) Host: Sandi Horton
Rod Carlos Rodriguez (Stryker) (State Feature) Kathleen Burke
Jim Parker Nancy Fierstien
Recycled Reads 3:30-5:45
Host: Louise Richardson
Birdman313 Blanton 4:00-6:00 Beauty in Language R. FULL
Chris Billings Host: Barbara Youngblood Carr (Local Feature)
Cynthia Juniper Sue Littleton (International Feature)
D. Mars Yuvarajan Luz EtchemendiGaray
Lisa Hubley-King Roja Chamankar
Sharla "Skyspirit" Shotwell Venkata Prasad
Shubh Bala Schiesser
Vasalina Orlova
Josué Gabriel de Montemayor
Arnulfo Vigil

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