di-vêrsé-city Anthology Submission Guidelines




Enter one to three poems.  Each poem may be entered by entering it into the text area.  A recommendation is to copy and paste from plain text file in your computer.

  • Submit up to three separate poems individually.
  • No restrictions on subject matter or style except what is listed in these guidelines.
  • The editor has the right to classify material obscene and not suitable for publication.
  • No simultaneous submissions or previously published poems.
  • Special fonts, shape-poems, etc. cannot be accepted.
  • Printed poems must fit onto one 4-inch by 7-inch page * Click on the following link if you would like a blank template  http://www.aipf.org/Document.asp?DocID=4200
  • Poems should be primarily in English.  Words from other languages may be interspersed. If a full English translation is used with the full text of another language, each language should fit onto one page for a total of two pages.  The editor reserves the option to only use the English translation.
  • Published poets receive one complimentary anthology.
  • Deadline to submit for the anthology is February 14, 2017.

Detailed Guidelines and Explanations

An anthology of selected poems is published every April to coincide with the Austin International Poetry Festival.  The title of the anthology is di-vêrsé-city.   All submissions are blindly reviewed by the judges and by the editor.

You are not required to attend the festival to submit for this anthology competition.  Please note that the submission cost and the registration cost are completely separate. This fee does not include festival attendance for City Reads, Workshops, Slams, or Special Events.  Click here if you would also like to register for the festival. 

Submission Requirements and Details


  • Submit by February 14, 2017
  • Edit submissions until February 14, 2017
  • Notifications sent between March 1-15, 2017 
  • Festival dates are April 6-9, 2017
  • Non attending accepted di-vêrsé-city poets’ Anthologies will be mailed by May 15, 2017

When submission reviews are completed by the Anthology Committee around the first part of March, notices will be sent for all submissions accepted and not accepted.  The committee may confirm details with accepted poets at this time, please reply timely due to production and print schedule requirements.  Each accepted poet receives one complimentary di-vêrsé-city Anthology that should be included in your registration packet. Non attending accepted poets di-vêrsé-city Anthologies will be mailed to the address you submitted at the time of registration.  Anthology quantities are limited please order any extra copies you would like no later than April 5, 2017 – after this date we cannot guarantee the availability of additional copies.  You may purchase additional copies at Registration pending availability.

If you have questions regarding your submission please contact Mark Wendel at aipfest@outlook.com .  We always try to respond within 48 hours, but due to our day job commitments it is possible that sometimes it may take longer.

* If you would like to see how your poem might look, if chosen for the Anthology, click on the following link for a blank template http://www.aipf.org/Document.asp?DocID=4200s  or create your own template by setting the page layout (in a document in your computer) to the following:
Paper size: 6 x 9
Margins: 1 inch
Line spacing: 1.0
Font: Times New Roman
Font size: 12 point
This 4-inch wide format will allow for approximately 9 words, roughly 45 characters, depending on the width of characters (more for “l” or “i”, less for “m” or “w”).  Any lines that are longer than 4 inches will break onto the next line and add to the line count.
Please limit your poem to 35 lines of print (preferably less).  This includes title and spaces.  This does not refer to the metrical line or verse count; it refers to the printed form where spaces between stanzas are counted.  Note that a title or any verse that is longer than 4 inches will count as two lines.
The 7-inch high format will allow for approximately 36 lines.  One extra line is for the poet’s name, which is added at the end of the process after blind judging without the poet’s name.  This leaves approximately 35 lines, including title and spaces.