About Us  

Austin Poets International (API), the parent organization of the Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF), is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes literary excellence by bringing together poets and story tellers from around the world to celebrate the diversity of humanity through written and spoken words. API does this through three programs: AIPF itself, di-vêrsé-city (the Festival's anthology - pronounced diversity), and youth programs.

AIPF is the country's largest non-juried poetry festival, a point of pride among API members.  The goal of this annual four-day festival is the bring Fresh Voices to the stage to mix with voices of established poets from around the country and world. Everyone reads and everyone mingles at venues throughout Austin with poets of varying stature and experience.

Di-vêrsé-city, the anthology, has two faces - one for adults and one for youth.  Poets of majority age from around the world may submit candidate poems to the adult anthology.  The poems are screened for language, grammar and content, but otherwise are non-juried. The acceptance rate of one poem per poet runs about 85% annually.

API's Youth Program focuses on the New Faces K-12 students from Central Texas but includes youth poets from all around the world.  Activities include a youth anthology competition, a printed youth anthology, poetry readings, workshops, and a poetry slam.