Welcome to the Austin International Youth Poetry Festival

International poets from kindergarten through high school are welcome to join us at the festival and submit to the di-vêrsé-city Youth Anthology competition.  Participation is free for all K-12 Youth Poets.  Attendance at the festival is not required.  Activities for Youth Poets that attend the festival include reading poetry, attend poetry readings geared for K-12 Youth, open mic, and youth poetry workshops.  Published di-vêrsé-city Youth Anthology authors read their winning entry at a special reading.  Youth Poets that do not attend the festival can submit poetry to be considered for publication in the di-vêrsé-city Youth Anthology.

Youth Activities during the Festival

  • Published Youth Poets read their work at the di-vêrsé-city Anthology Reading 
  • Attend the di-vêrsé-city Youth Anthology reading
  • Open Mic for all Youth Poets
  • Children's Poetry Reading 
  • Youth Poetry Slam
  • One or two Youth Poetry Workshops

As the parent or guardian of a participating Youth Poet you must agree to the following terms and conditions and digitally assign publication rights to API/AIPF by typing your name for your digital signature when your Youth Poet submits their poetry online. 

I am the parent or legal guardian of the student/youth submitting this poetry and I give permission for API/AIPF to publish this piece. Publication rights include Youth  Published di-vêrsé-city Anthology, North American Serial rights, anthology rights (should we publish a future retrospective issue), and publication on our website and social media outlets.  The copyright reverts to the author upon publication.  

If we participate in the Youth Anthology Read and any other AIPF Youth Activities, I also grant API/AIPF permission to publish any photos of my child and family taken at the events without any compensation.  By typing my name in this digital signature box, I agree with these terms.