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Did you know that, of the dozens of faces behind the Austin International Poetry Festival (from board members and anthology editors to events hosts, committee members and registration members) are volunteers?  Take a moment to browse the open positions below and sign up now!  Committee time requirements equal about 3 - 5 hours per month between now and the festival.  The few months before the festival depending on your activity the time requirement can increase significantly.  Each committee member receives an official certificate of appreciation at the end of the festival.

Festival Committee Descriptions

Each committee is led by a Committee Chairperson.  The chairperson is required to submit a written report to the Festival Director on a monthly basis stating completed activities, pending activities, challenges, and goals.  Committees vary in size, but we need multiple volunteers for every committee.  At the end of the committee description you may see <CHAIRPERSON> which means the committee needs a Chair or <VIRTUAL> which means you don't need to be in Austin to participate on the committee and just need a computer with internet access, email, and phone.

Accommodations and Transportation Committee:  The Committee shall compile a list of hotels and motels that are willing to accommodate visiting poets at reduced rates. The Committee shall also seek private hosts for featured poets (home stays) and work with featured and other visiting poets, who are participants in readings or workshop, to arrange necessary transportation. Requires coordination with the Featured Poets Committee.  <CHAIRPERSON><VIRTUAL>

Anthology Committee: The Committee shall select poems for the annual anthology, Di-Verse-City, from among those submitted by participating poets and cause the anthology to be published in a timely fashion. This shall mandate coordination with the publisher selected by the Board and artist responsible for cover art. The Committee also shall be responsible for selecting a judge for the Christina Sergeyevna contest and communicating the contest results to the Board. The Chairperson of the Committee shall have the title Editor. <VIRTUAL>

Art Committee:  The Committee shall select an artist for cover artwork, including photography, for the anthology and program and for imprinting on any merchandise associated with the Festival. Requires coordination with Anthology and Program Committees.

Fund Raising Committee:
 The Committee shall plan and manage fund raising efforts for the Festival, including ordering promotional merchandise. The Committee shall also recruit corporate and individual sponsors, coordinate ads for the anthology based on specifications from the sponsors. Requires Coordination with the Program committee. <VIRTUAL>

Program Committee:
 . The Committee shall compile Festival information (biographies of participating poets, schedule of events, maps, ads, sponsorship and so on) into the annual program. Requires coordination with the Art, Fund Raising and Registration Committees. <VIRTUAL>

Public Relations Committee: The Committee shall increase awareness among the public of the Festival and its events through radio, television and local print media. The Committee shall communicate with local universities (departments, faculty, students) to increase awareness, sponsor campus poetry events, and encourage attendance at Festival events. The Committee shall also communicate with local poetry and writing groups to support and promote the festival and poetry in general in the local community. A Member of the Committee may be charged with responsibility to promote the Festival through the Festival’s social networking connections (Facebook and Twitter). <VIRTUAL> 

Registration Committee:  The Committee shall receive registrations from the broad community of poets, acknowledge registration in a timely fashion and otherwise communicate with registered poets. During the Festival, Committee Members shall staff the registration desk and oversee the on-site sales of anthologies and merchandise. Registration fees shall be turned over to the Treasurer at regular intervals and a summary of registrations and collected fees reported to the Board at its first meeting following the Festival. Requires coordination with the Fund Raising and Program Committees. 

Venues Committee:
  The Committee shall recruit venues for activities of the Festival, determine the capacity and requirements of venues, schedule readings and other events at venues, assign registered poets to readings and workshops, and oversee poetry slam events during the Festival. Requires coordination with the Featured Poets and Program Committees. <VIRTUAL>

Website Committee:
 The Committee shall establish and maintain the Festival’s website. The Committee’s Chairperson shall have the title Webmaster. Requires coordination with the Festival Director.  <VIRTUAL>

Youth Activities Committee:  The Committee shall promote the Festival among youth, grades K-12, cause a Youth Anthology to be published annually, and schedule a reading for youth during the Festival. The Committee’s chairperson shall have the title Youth Anthology Editor. Requires coordination with the Art, Program, Registration and Venue Committees.
Volunteer Coordinator:  This is an ad-hoc position approved by the Board of Directors at the April 2014 meeting.  The volunteer coordinator will work with the Festival Director to schedule and direct all onsite festival volunteers.   You will also hold an online volunteer orientation prior to the festival start date.

Festival Volunteer Descriptions

We need you!  Many hours go into the events at each festival. Please sign up to give us a few hours here or there.  We are flexible and can schedule your hours around your readings and other activities.  You can volunteer for as little as two hours to a full day if you like.  Each festival volunteer receives an official certificate of appreciation at the conclusion of the festival.  

Assistant Reading Host (ARC) - Every reading and venue is assigned an ARC.  This position assists the RH to ensure a successful and organized poetry read.

Assistant Photographer (AP) - We want as many photos as possible at every event.  If you have your own camera, are good at snapping photos and video, and are going to be around at festival events this is the perfect position for you.  You give AIPF rights to use all photos submitted for marketing and public relations efforts.

Event Docent (ED) - Groups of more than 10 may request a ED in advance of the festival.  This person will guide the group through the festival activities.

Facebook Friend (FF) - Can't put the phone down?  Always checking your Facebook wall?  Post festival events and what's going on where you are on your personal page and also the AIPF page.

Sign Manager (SM) - This position is responsible for placement of AIPF signs at assigned venues.  Venues generally have a street sign on the curb and a posted schedule of events at the venue. Some mic and podium stands require logo and/or sponsor signage.  AIPF headquarters requires large banner placement in multiple locations.

Tweeter (TW) - Can't put that phone down?  Love Twitter?  This is the position for you.

Festival Runner (FR) - Nobody's perfect and that's why we need a couple of FRs.  This person generally is sent on errands to fix problems that have come up.  You need to be able to handle a little bit of stress and be quick on your feet.

Poet Driver (PD) - Easy one here.  Just drive from one venue to another at the conclusion of each City Read.  The idea here is to get enough people signed to keep a rotation of vehicles going from venue to venue at the conclusion of each read, so that each poet who needs a ride can grab one.

Reading Host (RH) - Manage a City Read or Special Read.  We have a group of dedicated RHs that help us out every year but we always need a few more.  The RH coordinates the reading schedule at the venue.  Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your assigned reading to check to make sure things are setup and that the reading can start on time.  You will be provided with an onsite contact should you encounter any trouble.

Registration (R) - The registration desk is open Thursday through Saturday from morning until night (we close early on Saturday).  This is where folks come to pick up their registration packet, festival program, and any merchandise they ordered.  Onsite registration is available for walkups.  Merchandise sales is what occupies your time between readings and events, including t-shirts and Anthologies.

Workshop Coordinator (WC) - This position acts as a satellite registration station for learners that show up without being registered for the festival.  You will sell tickets for workshop attendance to unregistered festival participants and keep a log of all sales.  You must be able to turn away folks that aren't registered and don't want to pay the fee.

Workshop Facilitator (WF) - Each workshop offered at the festival has a WF that will assist the instructor in setting up and getting started on time.  Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the workshop begins.  Learners are supposed to signup for workshops in advance and each WF will be provided with a list of people that registered.  Each attendee is required to wear their name tag lanyard for admittance to a workshop and you must send those without them to the WC.



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